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Email: Head Office

Eventing Ireland Rule Book

Eventing Ireland SHOP

Any person new to Eventing Ireland….


Create an online account.

You can join Eventing Ireland as a web-only member, this is free.

Go to the homepage of our website and select the Create EI Account under the top banner.


Type in your first name and surname and click “create new/find me”. You will get a message saying no member found and an option to ‘Add member’.

If instead you get a list of members matching that name then you either have created an account previously or there is already a member with the same name.

If you have never been a member and your name is taken, try adding your middle name or initial.

Click Add User, and fill in your contact details.

If you wish to add a horse you can do so at the same time.

Please note, if you are under 18, you will not be able to add horses/ponies to your account.

Scroll down to horses/ponies.

If you have a premises number fill it in, if not leave it blank.

Type in your horse’s name and click ‘find horse’. You should then get a box saying no horse found and an option to ‘add horse’. Click this and then fill in your horse’s details. Then click ‘update horse record’ this should bring you back to your account page.

Repeat this for any further horses.

Now click SAVE in the shopping basket. If you don’t click save your account will not be activated.

Email to Head Office a copy of the naming, breeding and ownership pages of the horse or pony’s passport.


If you wish to upgrade your membership from web-only, go to the membership type section in your account. Click where it says web-only and select full-member. You will now see a second box has appeared saying rider type- non-riding. If you require a rider membership, click on non-riding and select the type of rider membership you require from the drop-down menu.

You can upgrade your horse registration at the same time. Select renew/upgrade next to your horse’s name. A new window appears. In the third row down, it says registration type web-only. Click on the web-only and select the registration you require from the drop-down menu. Click update horse record and then save and checkout.

If the page tells you it is unable to checkout, check the following:

·Have you ticked the box under membership type, agreeing to abide by EI rules?

·Have you filled in your compulsory volunteering role?

·Have you filled in your insurance details OR ticked the box saying you understand that Eventing Ireland strongly recommends you hold your own personal insurance policy?

If you still cannot checkout please contact Head Office 045 854 545 or email Head Office

Rule 4b.  All athletes are responsible for ensuring that they are eligible and competent to compete in any classes entered.  It is likewise the responsibility for the parents of junior and pony athletes to ensure that their child or ward is both eligible and competent.

New Rider, under 18

Create an account for both the rider and a parent or guardian.  Follow the steps above and remember, the pony or horse can only be added to the account of the person over the age of 18. 

Email to Head Office the following documents once the account is set up:-

·        A copy of the child’s birth certificate or passport;

·        Parental Consent Form

·        Letter of Competency

·        Data Protection Consent Form  (if rider under 13)

If the owner of the animal and the parent or guardian are not the same, the owner will also need to create an account.  Riders must be at least in their 12th year in order to compete.

Costs to be a Member

Click here for Membership Fees

Types of Membership

Click here for Types of Membership

See Section 5 of the Rule Book for definition of athlete membership types. Click here Eventing Ireland Rule Book

Eventing Grades and Classes

Click here for Eventing Grades and Classes

See Section 6 of the Rule Book. Click here Eventing Ireland Rule Book

 How to enter EI 80 (T) classes and Try Eventing/Combined Training classes. These classes can be entered by web-only members.  The rider must have created a minimum of a web-only account (free) and if the rider is under 18, the parent/guardian must also have created an account - see above.  Before you can enter any classes, the horse or pony must be added to the rider/owner's account (not possible if rider is under 18).
Log in to your account, select the event, select the class.  Type in the name of the rider, then the name of the horse/pony.  ERQIs do not apply in these training classes so press Continue.  If you have any special requests relating to this event, type them in the Special Competitor Requests section before proceeding to the payment page.  Your payment card must be linked with your mobile phone, as your own Bank may send you a text code or ask you to approve the transaction on a mobile banking app. 

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