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Please see below a summary of all the Eventing Ireland Rule Changes for 2022.  The Rule Book can be downloaded HERE  and a printed version will be available to purchase shortly.  All amendments are in RED

3.13      Withdrawals and Refunds

In the event of having to withdraw a horse from the nominated competition having already submitted an entry, the entry fee and/or day ticket will be refunded if withdrawn before Noon on the Monday before the date of close of entries stated on the Event page of the website. 

Refunds do not apply after close of entries.

Only in exceptional circumstances will refunds be made by Head Office and only at the discretion of the Event Organiser, if a vet or medical certificate is sent by email to Head Office by noon on the Thursday before the event.  Please contact Head Office in the first instance.

Rule 5.5 for Juniors and 5.6 for Ponies

a)    It is recommended that Junior and Pony Athletes do not compete in two full competitions on two consecutive days on the same animal. 

Rule 6.1



  • Open to a Junior Athlete from the beginning of the calendar year in which they reach the age of 14 (fourteen) until the end of the calendar year when they reach 18 (eighteen), who are Full or Restricted Members or those on a day membership
  • Underage athlete combinations must have submitted a Letter of Competency form and be approved by their Regional Coordinator
  • Horses must be at least 148cm and 4 years of age or over
  • A pony must be a minimum of 143cm and 5 years old
  • No horse which has competed in a CCI5* competition in the current or preceding year is eligible for this class.
  • ERQI must be green or amber at EI100
  • No points awarded

Rule 7.1

Prize money for those classes eligible to receive it is now at its original pre-Covid levels.  Please refer to the Rule Book for the revised funding. 

Rule 18.2 Athlete Fall

 Athletes should not remount their horse until the examination has been completed.

Rule 23.19

The total number of jumping efforts shall be within the limited (minimum and maximum) shown in the Table of Distances, Speeds, Times and Jumping Efforts for the relevant level of Competition.

 The efforts to be counted are the efforts on the route expected to be taken by the average horse.

 For all classes at all levels it is possible to have a maximum of an additional 2 efforts whereby steps and ditches do not count as efforts under the following conditions:

a)    2 steps as part of a combination/related fences only count as one effort, eg a sunken road with what would traditionally be 4 efforts (fence before, step down, step up, fence after) will count as 3 efforts

b)    3 steps up or down will count as 2 efforts

c)     a ditch as part of a combination (e.g. a hollow/coffin type fence) does not count as an effort

d)    the steps and ditches would be flagged/lettered as normal and judged as normal. The Course Designer and Steward need to agree, in advance of the competition, how many of such efforts, if any, are appropriate for the particular competition given the nature of the terrain and the balance, flow, and intensity of the course

 Rules 25.2, 3, 4 Young Rider, Junior and Pony Athlete Selection

At the beginning of each year / season Young Rider, Junior and Pony athletes who wish to take part in the YR, Junior or Pony HSI programme must make themselves known to their High Performance Manager, so that their performances may be monitored.

All Young Riders, Juniors and Pony athletes must meet FEI and EI MER requirements for any FEI event. 

Young Riders wishing to compete abroad must have the additional MERs required for overseas events and should have competed at the level of competition for which they wish to travel.  

Rule 26.1

Article 517 Minimum Eligibility Requirement (MER)

A Minimum Eligibility Requirement is achieved by completing a competition within minimum parameters of all round performance as follows:

a)    Dressage Test:  Not more than 45 penalty points ( or <55% dressage good marks)

b)    Cross Country Test:

  • A clear round (0 penalties) at obstacles. 
  • Activating a maximum of one frangible device or having a maximum of one missing flag will maintain the MER result on Cross Country
  •  Not more than 75 seconds exceeding the optimum time in the cross country test for two, three and four star level competitions and 100 seconds in the case of five star level competitions.

c)     Jumping Test: Not more than 16 jumping penalties at obstacles.

 28.4        Overseas International Entries

Only the Eventing Ireland Office may forward approved applications/entries to HSI/FEI for international competitions.

An Athlete who is an EI member and resides overseas may seek the approval of the High Performance Director to compete at an International CI Event where that athlete meets the qualifying criteria of the national Federation of the country in which they reside (national records with full results must be submitted to the EI Office) and of the FEI

 29.1        Participation of Horses

A horse must be registered with Eventing Ireland and FEI and have a valid current FEI Passport if competing outside Ireland or at a 4* event and above in Ireland.

Rule 30

Any Athlete and horse combination who are qualified to compete at CI4* or CI5* level but who have not obtained an MER within 6 months prior to the close of entries of an FEI event may compete in any CI2* or CI3* competition. 

Appendix C & D

For Cross Country, hackamores must be used with a bit. The maximum length of the shank is 24cm, measured in a straight line from the middle of the higher ring to the middle of the lower ring.

For Cross Country, bits with a lever arm may not exceed 10cm. The length of the lever arm is measured in a straight line from the highest point where the bit is stopped to the lowest point of the lever arm.

Rule 29.4

  • Hanging cheek snaffles have a slight leverage action and work more on the corners of the mouth and poll.  The maximum length of the cheek piece of a hanging cheek snaffle is 7cm measured from the top of the mouthpiece to the top of the small ring

Rule 29.7 Illegal bits

  • Bits that can slide vertically creating a gag effect
  • Mouthpiece wings that restrict the reins to move freely.
  • Bomber Blue Swivel bits are not permitted for Dressage

Increase in Entry Fee

Will members also please note that the entry fee for the EI80(T) class will increase by €10 and £10 with immediate effect.

Some general reminders:

  • All hats must be tagged before any phase of competition, in training or in national events
  • Athletes wishing to take part in an international competition MUST have gained their 6 month MER at least 10 days before the cross country test of the competition for which it is needed.  
  • Athletes wishing to compete at international events are responsible for obtaining their FEI licences and horse registrations before the start of the competition.  These are issued by HSI and information can be found HERE.  Please ensure you get these done well in advance.
  • MERs for international competitions can be found in the Rule Book or downloaded HERE.  Please note there are a couple of changes to Pony MERs.  

Wishing you all the very best for the start of the Season!

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